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Dr Mimi Kirke-Smith

Former team member

Mimi completed her PhD in Developmental Psychology in the summer of 2013 at London South Bank University, having previously been awarded an MSc in Child Development from the Institute of Education, and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the Open University.  Her PhD research investigated the developmental effects of childhood maltreatment on executive functioning and inner speech during adolescence, and her findings have been presented at several national and European conferences.  Until March 2014, Mimi worked as a Research Assistant on the ‘Making it Fair for Child Witnesses’ project at City University.  Mimi now works as a Research Fellow at an independent secondary school for vulnerable youngsters with social, emotional and mental health needs.  In addition to staff training and student cognitive and psychological assessments, she is currently working on several research projects including: Measuring the effectiveness of therapeutic provision; Differences in working memory profiles between different diagnoses; and The effects of Mindfulness on students' emotional well-being. 

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